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          Announcement: We offer a series of high quality Linear Electric Machinery based products for motion control system.  Welcome to join us!

          Welcome to SCIFINE ELECTRIC!

          Nanjing Scifine Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd.(Scifine Elctric) provides linear motors, linear generators, linear tables and direct-drive systems for the industry, and research institutions all over the wo..

           Linear Oscillating Motors [2014-11-11]
           Wave Energy Conversion System [2014-7-10]
           Single Axial Tables(..
           Linear Sliding Motor..
           PM Linear Motors (II..
           PM Linear Motors
           Single Axial Tables ..
           Linear Induction Mot..
           Tubular Linear Gener..
           Linear Oscillating M..
           Coreless Linear Moto..
           Wave Energy Conversi..
           Wave Energy Conversi..
          Nanjing Scifine Electrical Technology
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          Address:NO.371.Heyan Road.Yanziji
          street,Qixia District,Nanjing,Jiangsu, China
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